Pulaski County Justice Center, Courthouse Roof Repairs Planned

Pulaski County Sheriff's Department
Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department

Pulaski County Maintenance Director Jeff Johnston told the commissioners this week that repairs to the roof on the justice center will begin this weekend.

Commission President Larry Brady told WKVI News that the long-awaited repairs will begin this weekend and will be done by Monday. The slate tiles on top of the courthouse that were damaged in last year’s hail storm will be replaced next weekend so the courthouse will be cordoned off for those repairs to be done.

Brady added that the bid specs for the heating and cooling equipment to be replaced on top of the justice center are available for prospective bidders. It is the hope of the commissioners to open bids on the equipment in an October meeting and get those pieces replaced as soon as possible, according to Brady. Brady added that they are trying to be proactive in getting new equipment before the units break down. The units are beyond their life expectancy and are showing wear.