Purdue Extension Pulaski County Hosting Poverty Simulation

Purdue Extension LogoPurdue Extension of Pulaski County is having a poverty simulation tomorrow. The simulation is designed to sensitize those who frequently deal with low income families. It’s an interactive educational experience that teaches people what it is like to live at a poverty level. Participants are put in family units. A father, mother, grandparent and child each have a role within the group simulation. Each unit is given events or experiences that happen to them and they have to solve the situation or problem. The groups go through the simulation for about an hour, then come together and talk about what it was like to be in those situations. County Extension Director Natalie Federer says the overall goal for the program is to raise awareness to everyone.

“This is a community issue. It’s something clear across the state of Indiana especially in rural communities. It’s just harder to address because it’s almost invisible. We don’t see or always want to see poverty or hunger and we don’t have people outside begging for food necessarily so it makes that conversation even more challenging,” said Federer.

Roughly 60 participants have signed up with around 20 volunteers to help the simulation. Federer adds she hopes this sparks more conversation to help the community grow and learn from the program.