Quit Smoking Classes Starting Soon at Life Plex


A series of classes to quit smoking are planned at the Life Plex in Plymouth. Eight sessions will be provided once a week on Monday evenings starting Oct. 6th at 6 p.m. EDT. The program format encourages people to work on the process of quitting smoking both as individuals and as a group. Group interaction is a big part of the program. During the clinic different techniques are used to help quit. It does not focus on scare tactics or offer extensive statistical information on the health effects of smoking. Instead it focuses on how to quit smoking and how to maintain abstinence. Freedom From Smoking Facilitator Cindy Riester says she is an ex-smoker and has the knowledge and helpful tools to get current smokers the help they need.

“I’m bringing them lots of support on my own because I know what it takes to quit and how many times it takes to quit,” said Riester.

Riester added that the first three classes gear up participants for the fourth meeting which is called quit day where the individuals quit smoking all together. The final four classes focus on abstinence from smoking.

The deadline to register is Oct. 2nd. The fee is $40 which includes the two month program. If you complete the course another two month membership to Life Plex will be added as a bonus. For more information, call Cindy Riester at 574-936-2333 or email criester@fitnessforum.biz.