Student Count Day is Friday


The ADM, or Average Daily Membership, count for all schools in Indiana is Friday, Sept. 12 and administrators are urging all students to be in school on that day.

It’s imperative that students show up for school as an official enrollment will be taken which will be given to the state. It’s that enrollment count that will determine how much money the state will give each school per student for operating costs.

Some area schools have reported a decline in enrollment but West Central School Superintendent Don Street said the preliminary count there higher than last year.

“Our enrollment right now, counting our kindergarteners as half for our ADM count that will be taken Sept. 12, is approximately 835 students,” explained Street. “Our enrollment has increased slightly from last year.”

Eastern Pulaski School Superintendent Dan Foster said his corporation’s preliminary enrollment count as of Monday also looks promising.

“We were looking 1,224.5 and that compares to 1,233 in September of 2013. We would be down a few students, but the positive thing is we were at 1,202 on the February count of this year. It does push us back up from there. Of those 1,224 students, 126 of them are transfers in.”

Another ADM count will be conducted in February.