Unemployment Rate Continues to Decrease


The unemployment rate in Starke County dropped another two-tenths of a percent in August to 6.3 percent which ranks the county 16th in the state.

Pulaski County reported the same type of drop. The county stands at 4.2 percent in terms of unemployment which ranks the county 87th in the state. Marshall County reported a rate of 5.2 percent, LaPorte County had 7.0 percent, Fulton County had 5.4 percent , St. Joseph County had 6.4 percent while Porter County had 5.9 percent.

Seventy-seven counties reported a drop in the unemployment rate in August.

As explained by Ron Gifford of the Starke County Economic Development Foundation, the rate is calculated by the number of people unemployed and divided by whatever number the labor force is. As the labor force goes up and down, that will affect the unemployment rate.