West Central School Board Approves School Improvement Plans

west central logoThe West Central School Board heard from the building principals concerning the school improvement plans for the elementary, middle and high schools.

Superintendent Don Street explained that this is all required as part of Public Law 221 as a way to gauge needs of the students and how to improve those areas.

“Most schools look in particular at the ISTEP scores or end of course assessments and how to improve those schools,” said Street. “Every school is required to develop goals and how to implement those goals through strategies and interventions and what the teachers are going to do during our staff development time and how to prepare students better to achieve the written goals.”

Programs are used to track a student’s data and progress.

“We’re able to track student data a little bit closer and break down those test scores. At the high school level, we look a lot at Lexile level, which is a student’s reading level. The elementary has used that as well along with the middle school. A lot of emphasis and planning is done on data-driven instruction and students have an opportunity to look at data and to look and see how they’re doing on different test scores and preparing. The elementary has always had the focus on reading and now slowly moving into the math area.”

The board members approved the school improvement plans as presented.