West Central School Board Gets Information on New Academic Standards

west central logoWest Central School Superintendent Don Street and administrators shared information with the school board members about the new academic standards.

Street said a new I-STEP+ test will be administered in the spring based on the new academic standards.

“The new test will be similar to the common core test given in other states but it will be based upon the new Indiana Academic Standards,” stated Street. “The Department of Education has not released any resources to help schools with the test. However, they are developing the resources and those should be available in December for what we have been told.”

Street noted that he’s been told the test is more rigorous and demanding than the prior I-STEP+ test.

“To help with that, our Thursday morning professional development time will be spent in reviewing the new standards and how to better prepare our students for this new and rigorous test.”

The test is normally given within a two-week window in March.