Enrollment Increases at West Central Schools

west central logoThe West Central School Board members reviewed the ADM, or Average Daily Membership, count during their meeting last week.

Superintendent Don Street commented that the enrollment is up from last year.

“Our ADM count for this year is 841.5 and last year was 806,” said Street. “Many people ask what the half of a student is. By state regulation and state law, kindergarten students are only counted as half. Our total student enrollment this year is 875 students as compared to last year’s 847. We are up approximately 30 students from last year.”

Street noted that the enrollment was better than the state projected ADM for the September count.

He added that increase will help the school in terms of the General Fund as funding follows the student.

“The more students you have the more money is generated through the General Fund for that. That will have a positive influence upon our General Fund. We’re still projected to have a decrease just because of the state formula. However, that does have a positive influence on our General Fund which pays for our teachers, utilities and most expenses.”

One more student count is anticipated this school year in February.