Halloween Raises Awareness to those with Food Allergies


Parents who have kids with food allergies need to be cautious this Halloween when trick or treating. A bag of Halloween candy isn’t all treats for the one in thirteen U.S. kids who suffer from certain food allergies. IU Health Laporte Hospital Nurse Practitioner Kim Minich encourages parents to go trick or treating with their children to make sure they do not eat candy until they get home. Parents should inspect each piece of candy.

“Kids that are excited they are going to open anything you know but letting them make sure they get home read through those labels and most parents are pretty good to know the ingredients and things like that but always reading through. I would say not to accept any homemade goods. Because you don’t know with the kitchens the way they were prepared things like that,” said Minich.

Minich added that there are some gluten free candies out there for children with allergies to eat as an alternative.