Knox City Council Discusses Community Center Use for Community Meals

Nancy J. Dembowski Community Center
Nancy J. Dembowski Community Center

The Knox City Council members discussed the use of the Nancy J. Dembowski Community Center for free community meals to be prepared and served by church members without paying the rental fee.

Deb McIntire proposed the idea where she explained that it is her goal to get members from eight churches on board to prepare the meals at home and to serve them at the community center. Volunteers will be setting up the room, serving food for a couple of hours and then clean the room used.

She added that she’s been trying to set up something like this for four years. Her only purpose is to make sure those who are hungry get a good, hot meal at least once a week. No religious component will be a part of the event.

McIntire asked for use of the center on Mondays and noted that there would be no cost to the city for the meals. Food donations for the event will be the responsibilities of the churches or individuals.

The council members discussed a probationary contract to see how the system would work with the contract renewable after six months. All churches involved would need to provide a certificate of insurance to the city. A memorandum of understanding will also be signed to ensure compliance by all entities involved.

With all of the paperwork and commitment of churches needed, this endeavor would not begin until January, according to McIntire.

The council approved a motion for McIntire to move forward with getting things going. The council will look over all paperwork before the first meal is served.