Knox City Council to Consider Dumpster Ordinance

Knox City Council
Knox City Council

The Knox City Council members will soon be putting together a dumpster ordinance.

Several complaints have been received concerning the placement and longevity of dumpsters at a locations throughout the city. The council members will fashion an ordinance that is suited to the needs of the city to regulate the use of the containers.

City Attorney David Matsey gave the council members a comprehensive draft of an ordinance that he put together using information from several different ordinances from different municipalities. He urged all of the members to look through the document and select items that may be relevant to the city. They will look at paring down the language at the council’s next meeting on Monday, Nov. 10.

A few regulations that were discussed include the length of time a dumpster can rest at a location and where that dumpster can be placed on the property. In one instance, a dumpster was placed on the city street and the street was damaged. Some dumpsters have been hard to see at night so reflective tape was suggested as a remedy to that issue.