Knox Officer Requests Mutual Aid Agreement to Join Pulaski County SWAT Team


The Knox City Council members considered a request to add an officer from the Knox City Police Department to the Pulaski County SWAT team.

Officer Chad Dulin explained to the council members Tuesday night that he is interested in being a part of the team to help with response time in the case of a call out and for the training he can gain. He can share any tactical information with his fellow officers and it can be a refresher course at the same time.

Dulin would need to participate in two to five hours of SWAT training a month. An agreement has been made with another officer to cover his shift if he needs to go to training or is called to active duty. Pulaski County is willing to give him his gear at no cost.

Dulin did request a take home car so he can use the car if he is deployed to a scene. It would allow him a quicker response time. His gear would also be readily available.

He added that there were five calls for SWAT last year while there have been no calls for SWAT yet this year.

A report would be made to City Police Chief Clint Norem and to the city council members each month with an update on his activity and any expenses that were incurred. One expense would be gas for the vehicle.

There are two officers that serve on the SWAT team from the Starke County Sheriff’s Department.

The city council commended Dulin on this effort and agreed to look over the mutual aid agreement with Pulaski County and to check on this with the city’s insurance carrier.