Knox Resident Disputes Sewer Bill


Michael Milo disputed his 19 year sewer bill to the members of the Knox Board of Public Works Wednesday morning.

Milo claimed that when he purchased his home at 1306 Pine Street in 1995 he did not know that sewer lines were not hooked up to the city system. He recently learned that a septic system was on his property and he had been billed a sewer bill since he purchased the home even though the lines were not hooked up to the system.

When the previous owner had the property, the tap fee was purchased and inspected, but a hookup to the home was completed. Lines run from the tap up to the home but nothing is connected.

He explained that the sewer superintendent told him to remove the septic tank from the property and to have it inspected, per the terms of the city’s ordinance. He has completed that task but the county health department needs to complete the inspection.

Milo requested that he be reimbursed $6,640, the amount of money he has paid for his sewer bill since he’s owned the house.

City Attorney David Matsey read from a state statute where Milo would not be entitled to the entire amount of money. He would only be able to be reimbursed for seven years of payments. The rest of the money would be property of the municipality, according to the statute. Matsey also warned the board members that if Milo is reimbursed any more than what is allowed in the statute there could be legal problems with the revenue bonds.

It was the unanimous decision of the board to reimburse Milo $3,118.11, which is the amount allowable as outlined in the state statute, and not mandate him to pay for the tap as that permit expired over a decade ago.