New Generator to be Installed Soon at Pulaski County Health Department


A generator will soon be installed for use by the Pulaski County Health Department.

The Pulaski County Council members approved an additional appropriation for the purchase in the amount of $3,500 in a prior meeting. It was advertised and approved again on Monday night.

Terri Hansen from the health department approached the council members on Monday where she reported that the generator still hasn’t been installed. The generator has been delivered but it’s in storage at the moment until it can be professionally installed. She expressed her frustration in the delay of the project.

Maintenance Director Jeff Johnston told WKVI News that an electrician will look over the situation with him on Friday. Johnston will bring information to the commissioners on Monday.

The self-starting generator was needed by the health department to power refrigerators to keep vaccines safely stored in the event of a power outage. A computer will also be included on the generator power.

Hansen hopes that the generator can be operational by the time the winter season starts.