Pulaski County Commissioners to Consider Deed Sale

Holly Hoover talks with Pulaski County Commissioners
Holly Hoover talks with Pulaski County Commissioners

The Pulaski County property tax sale was recently held and 29 properties were sold. Deputy Auditor Holly Hoover told the commissioners this week that 150 properties were not sold and she would like to have a commissioners deed sale to sell these properties.

She noted that most of the properties have been up for sale for many years and it’s time to get these back on the tax rolls.

“The difference between the property tax sale and the commissioners deed sale is that instead of a one year redemption when a buyer buys a piece of property at the property tax sale the owner has one year to redeem the property. With a commissioners deed sale, there would be a 120 day redemption. We want to get these properties that have gone unpaid for years back on the tax roll,” explained Hoover.

The commissioners realize that money could be lost by doing this type of sale, but it is a chance to get them off the sale list and become active properties.

A representative from SRI will come in to discuss the sale with the commissioners at their next meeting on Oct. 20.