Pulaski County Council Tables Recorder’s Part-Time Hire Request

Pulaski County Courthouse
Pulaski County Courthouse

Pulaski County Recorder Christi Hoffa presented a request for a part time person in her office to help scan documents to include in the Doxpop system for title searches.

Hoffa said that extra help could speed up the process that is currently being done in the office.

“While we have a good amount of information available online, not all of our information is available for a title searcher to be able to do a 50 year search,” explained Hoffa. “What I would like to see is to be able to hire a part time person for the office strictly to work on this project and to speed it up – to get more information online, scanned and available to these people to purchase and to be able to do their title searches and their their full 50 year searches.”

She said no taxpayer money would be utilized for the position. Funds would come from the recorder’s perpetuation fund within her budget.

“They would be paid strictly out of the perpetuation fund. Nothing would come out of County General. The taxes and everything that the county would have to pay would come out of the perpetuation fund. The perpetuation fund has more than enough money to fund that part-time position up to the 28 hours a week that a part-time person can work. That fund comes from copy fees and recording fees that are collected in my office.”

A few Pulaski County Council members had concerns of adding another part time employee with a future move to full-time employment. Hoffa said there isn’t a need for a full-time employee in her office. Council member Doug Roth noted that the council members discussed the need to digitize items in prior meetings and the move could be beneficial to that office.

The council took the request under advisement.