Pulaski County Recorder Requests Part-time Help

Pulaski County Courthouse
Pulaski County Courthouse

Pulaski County Recorder Christi Hoffa put in a request to the county commissioners this week for a part time person to scan documents into the Doxpop system.

Hoffa said she and her staff have been able to take care of documents here and there, but another person to do just this duty would greatly help efficiency in her office.

“With the installation of Doxpop and our current scanned images being available online, we are finding from abstract companies and title searchers that it’s great that it’s online, but we don’t have quite enough information online to really be able to assist them,” Hoffa explained. “Generally, they have to a 50 year search. We would like to have a part-time person and it would be to speed up the process of getting more documents available online and to be able to aid these title searchers in having the information online.”

She said the funding will not be taxpayer supported.

“This individual can be paid completely out of the recorder’s perpetuation fund. There would be no money out of the General Fund whatsoever.”

Hoffa explained that this would not be a temporary hire.

The commissioners approved her request pending county council approval. Hoffa will go before the Pulaski County Council on Monday night at 6 p.m. CT with this request. That meeting will take place in the second floor meeting room in the courthouse.