Reality Store Teaches Students Life Lessons

Purdue Extension LogoThe annual Reality Store for 8th grade students at West Central Middle School is scheduled this month. The program provides students with the chance to learn about careers, and envision their life at age 28. Purdue Extension of Pulaski County Director Natalie Federer said “the kids research and pick a career and then are provided a salary and have to learn to budget their money as they pay taxes, school loans, purchase a car and house and much more.”

Students move throughout the Reality Store to purchase what they need in life and to learn about higher education, budgeting their money and what it takes to live the life they want to live. As they work their way around the Reality Store, they also encounter unexpected events which often gives them personal or financial challenges. Federer said “When they unexpectedly have a child, and have to pay for food, clothing and daycare, that really makes the students take a step back and see how expensive raising a child is.”

If you have questions about Reality Store, contact the Extension Office at 574-946-3412.