Trial Scheduled in the Case of Robert Corbin

 Robert Corbin’s case will go to trial.

Corbin appeared with his attorneys Friday morning for a status hearing in his case in Starke Circuit Court. Indiana Supreme Court justices unanimously reversed an Indiana Court of Appeals’ decision recently to dismiss the case where two felony counts of attempted child seduction were filed against Corbin.

Corbin, a former Knox High School teacher, was arrested in 2012 after he allegedly sent inappropriate Facebook messages to a then-16-year-old student. The case was taken to Starke Circuit Court where Corbin’s attorney filed a motion to dismiss the case which was denied by Judge Kim Hall. An appeal was filed which overturned Judge Hall’s ruling. The Indiana Supreme Court filed a decision in late September that affirmed Judge Hall’s denial of the motion to dismiss.

It was decided in Starke Circuit Court on Friday morning that Corbin’s case will go to trial on Jan. 14. The defense attorney requested audio and visual recordings of police interviews and the opportunity to obtain a deposition of the alleged victim. Both the state and the defense should have all discovery items plus lists of potential witnesses and exhibits in time for the trial to go forward as scheduled.

The trial is expected to take three days including jury selection.