Curtis DeVries Sentenced in Starke Circuit Court

  Curtis DeVries was sentenced Monday afternoon in Starke Circuit Court.

A 12-member jury found Curtis DeVries not guilty on a charge of burglary, but he was found guilty on a lesser included offense of residential entry, a Class D felony. The jury also found DeVries guilty on a charge of criminal mischief as a Class A misdemeanor. The verdicts came in on Friday, Oct. 24.

Judge Kim Hall told DeVries Monday that he has a large drinking problem that he needs to get under control. Judge Hall stated that if he hadn’t have consumed such a large amount of alcohol on the night of this event, he wouldn’t be in court facing a sentence.

Judge Hall agreed with the sentence recommendation given by Prosecutor Nicholas Bourff. That recommendation included an 18-month sentence on lesser charge of residential entry with six months of that sentence to be served on probation. The balance of that sentence will be served on Starke County Community Corrections. He will also need to attend any class or program recommended by community corrections. DeVries was also sentenced to six months on the charge of criminal mischief which will be served concurrently, or at the same time, with the charge of residential entry.

DeVries has a right to an appeal. He did not indicate during the hearing if he was going to appeal. He will discuss the option with his attorney and can file an appeal within 30 days.