Eastern Pulaski School Partners with Purdue

 The Eastern Pulaski School Corporation has been selected by Purdue University to take part I a new program. The Center for Instructional Excellence is designed to better prepare prospective college students in high school for the next level of education. Eastern Pulaski Superintendent Dan Foster says Purdue had their reasons for starting this program.

“They were getting frustrated they’d have these huge auditorium classes with 300 or 400 students in them. They would get to the end and they would have half of their kids fail that class. So it became a frustration with them saying what are we doing how are we doing it. So their looking at more student centered learning instead of I lecture you regurgitate there we go,” said Foster.

Foster adds the CIE program lets students learn collectively.

“It’s not somebody standing up front and spewing a bunch of information. It’s students more in charge of their own education,” added Foster.