Equipment Installation in Progress in the Pulaski County Justice Center

Pulaski County Justice Center
Pulaski County Justice Center

The installation of equipment at the Pulaski County Jail is underway. Maintenance Director Jeff Johnston have the commissioners an update on the progress during last night’s meeting.

The metal work on the roof at the justice center is complete and a final walk through was conducted.

“The new water heaters are over halfway through the installation process,” said Johnston. “One of the water heater units is in place, but they haven’t fired it up yet. They won’t take the other one offline until they’re positive that it’s working correctly. On Nov. 10, I’m set to meet with the council to go over the sealed bids that you guys opened and made decisions on and get all of that worked out as far as the CAGIT goes.”

The commissioners weren’t going to go through with water softeners as Johnston said the town treated the water and it should be soft, but a test proved otherwise.

“I had it tested and it’s not. The water softeners that we have up there aren’t doing anything. They tested the water before it got to them and they tested it after it went through them and there’s no difference. The water is just as hard after as it was before the test. You can really see the damage that it’s doing back in the jail cells just because the amount of water they use.”

Johnston added that they will see a big difference once the new softeners are operational.

He also noted that the generator at the health department is in place and the wiring and gas lines are next on the checklist.