Firearms Season Opens Today, Remember Safety

huntingIt’s the opening of the firearms season in the state.

Officials at the Department of Conservation ask that hunters be aware of firearms safety. Always positively identify your target. Don’t shoot at color, shape, sound and movement.

Treat every firearms as if it was loaded and point firearms in a safe direction. Avoid alcohol or drugs when handling firearms. When hunting with a companion, if visual contact with that person is lost do not resume hunting until visual contact has been made and confirmed. Wearing hunter orange is the law.

DNR officials have responded to several tree stand accidents this season. Falls from tree stands can be caused by a variety of factors, including a weakness in the stand’s structure and incorrect installation. Officials recommend that hunters wear a climbing belt. Study manufacturer’s recommendations before using any equipment. Never use a rope to replace a safety belt.

Check permanent tree stands every year before hunting from them, and replace any worn or weak lumber.

Carry a whistle to call for help and carry a first aid kit, flashlight and cellular telephone in a fanny pack.