Knox City Council Blesses Downtown Project

Downtown Park
The Knox City Council has blessed the development of the vacant lot at Main and Lake Streets into a Serenity Garden.

A Knox Community High School class has the city council’s enthusiastic blessing to beautify the vacant lot at the corner of Lake and Main Streets. English Department Chair John Poindexter says 33 of his senior students are taking part in the career readiness curriculum and want to put the paperwork and planning into action.

“What we’d like to do is go in and put up either a gazebo or a pergola, one of the two, and have two picnic tables or benches for people to sit in, do some landscaping and put in a brick walkway,” Poindexter told the city council.

He said the students plan to fund the project through donations and sales of engraved bricks. Each 4×8 brick will be placed in a walkway and possibly a path through the Serenity Garden. Poindexter says each brick will carry a lifetime guarantee and will cost $30 each. Anyone who would like to purchase one can contact Knox High School at 574-772-1670 for information about how to do so.

The first bank in downtown Knox was located on that site. Later the corner of Main and Lake Streets was home to a drug store and a movie theater. Poindexter says his students want to make it a fixture in the community once again.

“Their point was if we put beautiful things there people who use the community center can go over there and take pictures, discuss things and wait to get into the community center and whatever. It will also help beautify downtown.”