Knox School Renovation Plans Move Forward

Knox-School-Board-2014The Knox Middle School Building Corporation Committee, at a public hearing last night, reviewed, approved, and sent to the School Board, a number of resolutions to move along the construction and renovation of a portion of the elementary building. No citizens attended the hearing.

Later at the School Board meeting, a public hearing was held on details of the project. Again, no member of the public appeared to comment.

The Board accepted a patron’s petition resolution, which had requested that the school corporation undertake the renovation and construction of the elementary building to ensure quality education for those students currently attending the school and for those who will attend in the future.

An additional appropriations resolution was also adopted. The board also approved resolutions authorizing the execution of a lease and the sale of real estate, the assigning of construction bids and a financial advisory contract. In total, six resolutions pertaining to the renovation project were unanimously approved.

A ground breaking is expected in the spring of 2015.