LaPorte Police Investigating Counterfeit $100 Bills


LaPorte Police are investigating reports of counterfeit $100 bills being presented for payment at two businesses on Pine Lake Avenue. Officers were called to the NAPA Auto Parts last Thursday after an employee took a $100 bill from a customer who bought $28 worth of merchandise. The clerk checked the bill with a counterfeit pen, according to the incident report but later realized it was a fake.

An employee at the GNC next door refused a $100 bill from a patron when he noticed it was phony. Both men were seen leaving the area in an older model KIA SUV. Police say one of the bills had no security strip, and the printing around the portrait was blurry and incomplete. The second appeared older but had the blue strip only found in newer currency.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the LaPorte Police Department at 219-362-9446 or at