Park Board Approves Bass Lake Seasonal Camping

Bass Lake CampgroundCampsite patrons at the Bass Lake Campground can breathe easier after action by the recently-appointed Starke County Park Board. They voted unanimously last night to allow seasonal campsite leases to continue. Camping season starts over Memorial Day weekend and concludes around Halloween. Overnight camping is not allowed during the winter months since the campground does not have running water or sewers after the lines are cleared and winterized.

It’s not clear yet whether patrons will be able to leave their campers and other equipment there over the winter. Even though the park board is charged with oversight of the beach and campground and other public lands, members want to make sure winter storage was not addressed by prior action of the commissioners. The campground is secured during the winter months, but patrons can contact an employee if they need to get in to check their equipment.

A representative from the park board will provide a report to the Starke County Commissioners during their Monday, Dec. 1 meeting and will ask about the county’s policy regarding storage. The next Starke County Park Board meeting will take place Tuesday, Dec. 16 at 6 p.m. at the annex building.