Pulaski County Sheriff Hires Part-Time Officers

 With the amount of retirements, officers seeking other employment and movement of personnel within the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department, several part-time patrol officers have been hired to help provide safety to residents of the county.

Ten people have left the department in the past several months including a few deputies, a chief deputy, two detectives and three dispatchers.

Sheriff Michael Gayer told WKVI News last week that officers from White County and an officer from the Logansport Police Department have been hired part-time to assist the current full-time officers at the department. Two other officers from outside agencies have also been hired.

The sheriff had to look outside the county to get help with staffing as several officers need to complete training before they come on board and that will take some time before they can be capable of patrolling the streets.

Sheriff Gayer also said that dispatchers are also being trained and new detectives are in place to fill open positions.

It will be a lengthy process, but Sheriff Gayer assures the residents that public safety is not in jeopardy.