Starke County Commissioners Schedule Certificate Sale

starke-county-courthouseThe Starke County Commissioners have scheduled a certificate sale for Monday, Feb. 17, 2015 to rid the county of properties not sold at tax sale. Treasurer Kasey Clark will review the list of properties with county attorney Marty Lucas prior to placing the advertisements. Adjacent property owners will also be notified in case they want to make a purchase.

Tax and certificate sales are both designed to get properties back onto the county’s tax rolls. The approved property list and reduced minimum bids will be published for three consecutive weeks prior to the certificate sale. Lien buyers must meet the requirements set out in state law. The redemption period for properties is 120 day at a certificate sale. Until a buyer is issued a tax deed for the property, ownership is not conveyed. Also, all properties are sold as-is without warranty. The buyer is also required to pay all taxes due and payable in the year of the sale.

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