Starke County Historical Society Elects Officers and Directors, Selects Historian

Starke County Historical SocietyAt the recent annual meeting of the Starke County Historical Society officers and township directors were elected. Returning officers are Ron Vendl, President;  James Shilling, Vice President; Deborah Mix, Secretary;  and Peg Brettin, Treasurer.

Also elected were directors from the county’s nine townships: Marian Gappa, California; Marilyn Folkers, Center;  Donna Toth, Davis;  Mark Rippy, Jackson;  Paul Sellers, North Bend; Van Janovic, Oregon;  Alice Dolezal, Railroad;  Dean Corey, Washington;  and Jerry Jernas, Wayne.

Three at-large directors were elected as well: Eli Roscka, Kenneth Whiles and Erl Henry.

Ed Hasnerl was recommended to the Indiana State Historical Society to be retained as Starke County Historian.