The Importance of One Vote


An Indiana farmer, from Switzerland County, changed the course of American history with his ONE VOTE back in 1842,

Freeman Clark was old and seriously ill. From his bed, he begged his sons to carry him to the county seat of Vevey, so he could cast his vote for his friend Daniel Kelso, who was running for the Indiana State Senate. They took him. He voted. And on the way home from his last public duty, Clark died.

Daniel Kelso became an Indiana State Senator, so serve in Indianapolis, by that ONE VOTE. To quote a favorite radio commentator of mine: “And now, the rest of the story!” In those days, the United States Senator, serving in Washington, D.C., was selected by a vote in the Indiana State Senate. Edward Hannigan was sent to serve in the nation’s Capital by ONE VOTE in our State Senate. It was Daniel Kelso’s vote.

At that time President James K. Polk was campaigning to bring the State of Texas into the Federal Union, as the 28th state, by a joint resolution of Congress. It was an easy vote in the House of representatives 132-25. It was a 26-26 tie vote in the Senate. Newly appointed Senator Edward Hannigan changed his vote and the resolution passed 27-25. Texas became a state by the ONE VOTE
of Senator Hannigan.

It was Hoosier Freeman Clark’s ONE VOTE that elected Daniel Kelso. It was by Daniel Kelso’s one vote that selected Edward Hannigan. It was Edward Hannigan’s ONE VOTE that brought Texas into the Union.

Is ONE VOTE important? Is YOUR vote important? I’ll say it is! Vote Tuesday, November 4th.