Coroner-Elect Outlines Plans to Avoid Conflicts of Interest


Starke County Coroner-elect Adam Gray intends to maintain a separation between his full-time job and his elected office.

“When I am working at the sheriff’s department, I am working at the sheriff’s department. I am not working at the coroner’s office. I will have deputy coroners covering call when I am on duty for the sheriff’s department,” Gray told the Starke County Council Monday night.

Gray added he’s made arrangements to ensure calls are covered.

“I’ve already met with Bill Clevenger and also the coroner from Jasper County. We’re going to work out mutual contracts between Marshall and us and Jasper and us, which will go vice versa. If I’m at work and I don’t have a deputy available, Bill Clevenger has said either he or one of his deputies will come over and take the case.”

Gray said his goal is to maintain the integrity of the coroner’s office and avoid any appearance whatsoever of impropriety. He told the county council he will ask one of the other coroners to oversee any murder investigations that may be necessary and says he’s agreed to handle cases for them on an as-needed basis as well.

Gray is also talking to the current deputy coroners to find out who wants to continue in that capacity.