Highway Supervisor Gives Road Plow Priority List to Commissioners

 Marshall County Supervisor of County Highways Jason Peters gave the commissioners a map and a list of which roads are to be opened first in the event of snow.

The commissioners had asked for a list so they know which areas would receive attention first. They also asked Peters to forward the information to the sheriff’s department, EMS, fire department, and EMA Director for emergency planning.

Peters said that the main roads, Quince Road, 4B, Queen, Oak, North Michigan, King, Plymouth-Goshen, Iris, Fir, 9th, Overmyer, Olive, Thorn, Muckshaw, South Michigan, Lincolnway and others, would be open to traffic within two hours first thing in the morning.

Peters added that he has a veteran crew and they know their routine so roads can open up fairly quickly.

A map and a list of the priority road are listed here: Area Leader Small Map     Plow order 2014