Knox City Council Discusses Dumpster Ordinance

Knox City Council
Knox City Council

The Knox City Council members held further discussion on a dumpster ordinance during last night’s meeting.

Knox Mayor Rick Chambers noted that he sent out notices to four residents who could be in violation if this ordinance were to be enacted. They were invited to attend the meeting to learn more about the ordinance, but they did not appear.

The council members reviewed the time limits concerning single-family residential zones and multifamily and commercial zones. Additionally, the ordinance requires that a permit be purchased for a dumpster and the city shall charge $10 for that permit. A permit may be renewed one time at a cost of $20.

There were concerns about the difference between a dumpster and a dumpster-sized trash bin when used at commercial businesses for regular sanitation pick-up. There is a zoning ordinance regulating those types of receptacles. They would need to be placed within a fence outside of public view. City Attorney David Matsey suggested that the planning commission members review the proposed ordinance and voice any recommendations to the mayor before the next city council meeting on Jan. 13. Matsey said he will look at the zoning ordinances to compare notes. The planning commission will meet again on Jan 5.

The city council voted unanimously to table the second reading of the ordinance in order to clarify these issues.