Longtime Pulaski County Deputy Retires

Pulaski County Sheriff's Dept. Cpl. Paul Grandstaff
Pulaski County Sheriff’s Dept. Cpl. Paul Grandstaff

The Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department is fully staffed again, with one notable exception. Cpl. Paul Grandstaff has tendered his retirement after 26 years with the department. Sheriff Mike Gayer says he’s on leave through the end of the year using up accumulated vacation and comp days.

Grandstaff was elected sheriff for two terms and ran again for that office this year. He won in the Democratic primary but lost in the General Election to Sheriff-Elect Jeff Richwine. Gayer told the county council Monday night he will let the incoming sheriff fill the vacant position.

Gayer says Grandstaff has also asked to keep his department-issued Remington 870 12-gauge shotgun issued to him by then-Sheriff Carl Freeman when he was first deputized.

“That’s a typical gift to honor a police officer after 20 years of service. He retains his badge or his gun or something that he feels is sacred and a memento to him,” Gayer told the council Monday night.

First though the council and commissioners need to adopt an ordinance to allow the sheriff to transfer county assets valued at less than $500 to an individual.