Michigan City Man Dies after He Darts in Front of Car


A Michigan City man was pronounced dead at the scene of a car/pedestrian accident in the 9800 North block of U.S. Highway 12 early this morning.

According to an investigation by the LaPorte County Sheriff’s Department, Richard Schmuhl, 83, was attempting to cross the street when he suddenly darted out in front of an oncoming passenger car. Schmuhl was struck by the driver’s side of the car. Officers found him in the highway and he was pronounced dead by an official with the LaPorte County Coroner’s Office.

The driver told police that he had seen the victim standing in the passing lane and it was unknown why he moved in front of the car. It was noted in the press release that street lights are not located in the area of the accident and it was dark at the time of the collision. The driver of the vehicle was not found to be at fault.