Number One New Year’s Resolution: Getting Healthy

#First it’s the turkey and stuffing at Thanksgiving, then the ham and potatoes at Christmas, not to mention the countless goodies the holidays bring, and before you know it you’ve put on a few extra pounds. Don’t fret, you’re not alone, losing weight is the most popular New Year resolution.

Trisha Metz, the marketing director for Fitness Forum at the LifePlex in Plymouth consulted personal trainers Michelle Bougher and Sarah Fishburn for a few healthy and helpful tips.

Metz warns against tackling unattainable goals and stresses the importance of remaining realistic. She says it is best to start with small goals such as giving up sugary pop and fast food. Whether losing weight is your end goal or not, these are things anybody can do to start leading a healthier life.

If you attempt to give up everything at once, you run the risk of feeling deprived and falling back into bad habits. Focus on a goal like it’s your job and tell yourself you’re worth giving up your specific bad habits.

Metz mentioned many people come into a gym for the first time clueless but this should not deter you. Trained professionals are eager to assist you in achieving your goal. Often people come in and they don’t know where to begin. Many gravitate towards some cardio equipment since they’re more familiar with it. An exercise class can seem intimidating to a beginner but Metz suggests attending those classes. According to her, it is a more fun way to work out and helps with consistency. Beginning an exercise regiment can be overwhelming at first, it is important to realize you don’t need to do it alone.