Park Board Settles Bass Lake RV Storage Issue

Bass Lake CampgroundBass Lake Campground patrons with seasonal site leases in good standing can leave their recreational vehicles there year-round. That’s the policy as adopted by the Starke County Park Board last night. There has been quite a bit of question surrounding the practice, with the county commissioners recently saying storage is not allowed due to zoning restrictions. The park board members discussed the matter and decided the multi-family dwelling zoning does not prohibit storage of recreational vehicles. Overnight camping is not allowed during the winter months due to a lack of amenities as required by the health department, but patrons can access their sites during the day for maintenance and recreational use.

The vote to allow recreational vehicles to remain at the campground year-round was 3-1, with members Marcia Bedrock, Debbie Mix and Rosemary Rose in favor and Skyler Ellinger opposed. At the start of the meeting, Bedrock noted board member Mike Meadows has resigned. He was one of two Starke Circuit Court appointees. A replacement has not yet been selected.