Pulaski County Attorney to Hold Meeting with Counsel to Discuss County Home

Pleasant View Rest Home
Pleasant View Rest Home

A meeting is set for today to move forward with the closure of the Pleasant View Rest Home in Pulaski County.

Pulaski County Attorney Kevin Tankersley will be meeting with an attorney in Plymouth to discuss the matter and to see if the attorney would be willing to take over legal issues in the closure of the county home. Tankersley will not be taking over the legal issues in this matter as it was thought an outside agency would be a better choice in the process. If the attorney agrees to work with the county, the commissioners would need to approve a retainer for the attorney’s services.

The county council reaffirmed their decision, by a majority vote, to defund the county home from the 2015 budget during their meeting last week. Money will be appropriated for at least three months or at least one month after the last resident moves from the facility.

Commissioner Terry Young gave his thoughts concerning the council’s decision during the commissioners meeting last night.

“I’d like to give my deepest thanks to Deb Girton and the county home staff, Bob White and the Pleasant View board for your caring dedication to the home and to the residents who have little or no say in their future. I can only imagine what these people are going through at this time.

“Thank you to all of the county residents who cared enough to write a letter, sign a petition, attend a meeting, or donate to these less fortunate people.

“How can the county council give itself and others a $900 increase while defunding our county home? Much credit is due to council members Doug Roth, Alex Haschel and Ron Powers who saw it wiser and kinder to try and keep the home open rather than see the current residents simply as a number. The will of the people was ignored.

“County government is not simply numbers or dollars and cents. It’s about people’s lives and decisions we make as government sometimes greatly affects those lives. Shame on us,” stated Young.