Pulaski County Council May Reconsider Closing Pleasant View

Pleasant View Rest Home
Pleasant View Rest Home

At least one member of the Pulaski County Council feels the decision to slash funding for Pleasant View Rest Home from the 2015 budget was made in haste. Councilwoman Alex Haschel did not attend the Oct. 13 meeting when that vote was cast. It passed 3-2 with Councilmen Mick Tiede, Roger Querry and Tom Roth in favor of not funding the home and Ron Powers and Doug Roth opposed. Council President Jay Sullivan only votes in the event of a tie. Haschel announced plans during the Nov. 11 council meeting to bring a motion tonight to rescind the prior council action and restore funding for the home. Should that motion pass, the procedural protocol is unclear, as the county’s budget has already been submitted to the state.

The DNR Division of Historic Preservation and Archaeology is set to recommend Pleasant View for inclusion on the National Register of Historic Places during their quarterly meeting next month. During a recent field hearing on the nomination conducted during a joint meeting of the Pulaski County Council and Commissioners, officials with the DNR said inclusion the register is a point of pride for a community but has nothing to do with whether the facility remains in operation as a county home.

In voting to cut funding, and ultimately close, Pleasant View, council members cited the high cost of maintenance and upkeep. If the county moves forward with the closure, their contract through the state Residential Care Assistance Program (RCAP) specifies the home has to stay open up until 90 days after the last resident leaves the facility. The state also has to be notified, and the home can only be closed when alternate housing has been found for all residents. The Pulaski County Auditor’s Office provided WKVI News a copy of the RCAP Contract

The Pulaski County Council meeting starts tonight at 7 p.m. EST at the courthouse.