Pulaski County Council Proceeds With County Home Closure

Pleasant View Rest Home
Pleasant View Rest Home

The Pulaski County Council is moving forward with plans to close Pleasant View Rest Home. Councilman Doug Roth’s motion for a one-time additional appropriation of $204,846 to keep the home open through 2015 in order to transition toward closure did not pass.

“There’s a big difference between the legal way and the right way. I have no doubt we’ll do it the legal way, but I’m going to say right now we haven’t done it the right way from the start,” Roth said.

He, Councilwoman Alex Haschel and Councilman Ron Powers all voted to fund the home through 2015, while Councilmen Mick Tiede, Tom Roth and Roger Querry, who participated in the meeting via speaker phone, were opposed. Council President Jay Sullivan cast the tie-breaking no vote. He says the county will now proceed with the necessary notifications to cease operations. Until then, operations at Pleasant View must be funded for at least three more months. A motion to do so passed by a four-to-three margin with Doug Roth, Haschel and Powers all voting no and Sullivan again casting the tie-breaking vote. The $51,211.50 to do so will come from an additional appropriation. Sullivan says his main concern is the cost to the county for maintenance and upkeep of the structure.

“I don’t think it’s the way it’s run. It’s not how much it’s costing the county to keep it open, because it isn’t costing us very much to keep those people there. My big concern is the maintenance and the modifications to the place it’s going to take to keep it going, to keep it open. That scares me to death. Even a very, very conservative estimate it’s going to be $350,000 to get it up and going and keep it where it’s at,” Sullivan said.

Currently eight residents and four caretakers live at Pleasant View.