Starke County Highway Department Adopts Mailbox Repair Policy

 Starke County Highway Department snow plow drivers who take out mail boxes with their blades will have to help repair them. Highway Superintendent Rik Ritzler says they will assist the department’s sign repair crew as schedules allow. He hopes it will provide an incentive for drivers to be more careful as they clear roads this winter.

Ritzler adds the drivers recently completed a snow plowing safety and awareness training put on by Purdue University. It emphasized the importance of getting into the right mindset before plowing and stressed safety is always the number one concern. Drivers also learned new plowing techniques and got information about how to calibrate the spreaders on their trucks to ensure a good mix of salt and sand on the roads.

Ritzler also told the Starke County Commissioners last week the department has not had an accident or an injury at the highway garage in 10 months.