Toys You Don’t Want to See Under the Christmas Tree

Each year the Public Interest Research Group releases a Trouble in Toyland report, disclosing which toys are unfit to be sold. This year more than 150 toys were either recalled or taken off of store shelves as a result of the report. The four main threats uncovered were toxic hazards in toys, choking hazards, magnetic toys and excessively noisy toys. The toxic chemicals found in the toys include lead, chromium and phthalates.

One item, a Dora the Explorer back pack was found to have 20 percent phthalates which is well over the legal limit of .1 percent. Other toxic toys included a police badge play-set that contained lead, a toy tambourine containing chromium levels exceeding 500 ppm above the legal limit and several toys that ran the risk of being choking hazards.

This report highlights the importance of parental awareness. Consumers need to be proactive and research a product before making a purchase.