American Red Cross Overcomes Weather Conditions for Donors


The American Red Cross says it’s always in need of donations, but says winter can be especially tough to get volunteers.

The cold weather often prevents volunteers from leaving their homes or places of work to give blood according to Donor Recruitment Representative Dianna Weiss. She works out of the offices in Plymouth and says the need for blood is constant.

“What they do is they check your blood pressure, they check your hemoglobin, they check your temperature for a fever. We have 10 pints and we don’t necessarily need it all so it helps regenerate your body,” says Weiss.

The American Red Cross says they are always in need of Type O blood, but says there are other blood types that can be used.

Weiss says that besides the cold weather, the American Red Cross is in need of blood during other portions of the year.

“Summer months are always needed just as much as the winter months because they’re a big part of our donation,” says Weiss.

The Red Cross says area individuals interested in donating can call their location in Plymouth.