Congresswoman Supports Measure Defunding Recent Executive Action

Congresswoman Jackie Walorski
Congresswoman Jackie Walorski

Indiana’s 2nd District Congresswoman is supporting a provision in the Homeland Security Appropriations Act that she hopes will help maintain the separation of powers in Washington.

The 114th Congress was sworn-in earlier this month following the November elections. With Republicans in the majority, Congresswoman Jackie Walorski says she voted to support the legislation – which appropriates funds for the operation of Homeland Security.

Included in the bill is language that defunds executive action taken by the President on immigration. Walorski says the language will help prevent executive overreach.

“What this bill did was just continue to separate the powers out, to say: he didn’t have the authority to do that,” says Walorski. “We’re just reaffirming that, you know, when it comes to congressional powers and stuff like that, the congress has to be involved, we do have to represent the American people at the table.”

Pointing to the results of November’s elections, the South Bend Republican says there’s a desire for the President to stay within the confines of the law. Walorski recently spoke out against the President’s actions on the House floor.

H.R. 240 was delivered to the Senate for further consideration, but could potentially run into problems with a veto from the White House.

Walorski says this will be a test for what the President is going to support.

“I just simply think from a statistical standpoint this President is not going to be able to satisfy the American voter and veto everything that comes out of the congress that has just been duly elected to represent them,” says Walorski.

If signed into law, it would provide an additional $40-billion for Homeland Security.

The bill passed the U.S. House of Representatives 236-191.