Election Board Discusses Late Fees on Candidate Financial Forms


Candidates running for office in Starke County could be facing fines for not filing the appropriate financial disclosure forms.

During Tuesday’s Starke County Election Commission meeting, filing CFA-4 forms was discussed as important due to laws implemented at the state level. There are three financial documents that need to be filed for a candidate to be in compliance.

Election Board member Peg Brettin says this has apparently been an issue around the state.

“What we have said that we want them to at least make it known that they will file those forms, come into the County Clerk’s office, file those forms, so that we can get those sent in,” says Brettin.

The last filing date for 2014 candidates was Jan 21st.

Candidates who have not filed their forms can have a dollar amount be assessed against them of $50 per day up to $1,000. If the fine is not paid, the election board considers it a civil court issue.

Brettin says it could also be considered a Class B felony under the law.

“The other side of that is if you don’t pay your fine, you don’t get to be a candidate for the next election,” says Brettin.

Funds gained from the late fees would be put into a fund that needs to be created in the Starke County budget. Monies would be used to fund Election Board activities.