Knox City Council Member Not Seeking Re-election

Linda Berndt
Linda Berndt

Knox City Councilwoman Linda Berndt announced to her fellow council members Tuesday night that she will not seek another term on the Knox City Council in this year’s Municipal Election.

This is her 20th year in serving as a councilwoman on the Knox City Council. She stated that it was a difficult decision to make, but this would give another citizen the chance to be a part of Knox government. She made it a point to encourage the council to work together for the rest of this year and in the future in preserving the resources that Knox has. Those resources include water, sanitation, police coverage, and fire protection. Work on economic growth and the retention of businesses and industries will also continue throughout the year.

Berndt cited two big projects of which she was proud to be a part: the planning and construction of the Nancy J. Dembowski Community Center and the rail spur in the industrial park.

Berndt was emotional in delivering the announcement and her fellow council members assured her that they will continue to do what they feel is the best for the City of Knox.

Councilmen Ron Parker, Jeff Berg, Don Kring, and Greg Matt have all filed for re-election for their seats on the Knox City Council on the Democrat ticket while Democrat Pricilla Upp has also filed for a seat on the Knox City Council.