Knox City Council Sets Fireworks Date

 The Knox City Council approved a date for the annual fireworks celebration.

Knox Mayor Rick Chambers said he had no phone calls at his office and only seven people responded to the question on WKVI’s Facebook page. According to the informal survey on Facebook, the majority picked Friday, July 3 for the fireworks celebration.

Council member Linda Berndt commented that the residents who visit their homes at Bass Lake in the summertime may not be able to come in for the celebration. Greg Matt commented that it was that reason that caused him to think to hold the celebration on July 4, but the consensus of the council was to have the celebration on July 3.

Several fundraisers will be held until the time of the celebration to offset the cost of the fireworks.

Vendors interested in being at the Starke County Airport on Friday, July 3 may contact Knox City Hall at 772-4553.