Knox City Plan Commission Members Voice Concerns over Dumpster Ordinance


The Knox City Plan Commission members last night looked at the city council’s proposed ordinance pertaining to the placement of dumpsters and had several concerns.

Steve Dodge made a comment that the definition of dumpster is too broad as it would pertain to all dumpsters in the city and not a specific type of receptacle. In his opinion, recycling containers, trash containers, trash bins, and dumpsters would all qualify as a dumpster per the definition outlined in the document.

During the discussion, the members decided that the time limits conflict each other. They also commented that the ordinance is not business friendly. It was suggested that waste haulers and dumpster companies be consulted to see what similar ordinances they may adhere to in other communities.

The plan commission members will gather their comments and send them to the city council members for review. The city council previously tabled the second reading of the ordinance so the plan commission could discuss the contents. The city council will meet on Tuesday, Jan. 14 at 7 p.m. at Knox City Hall.

The board also reorganized at this meeting. Jeff Berg was retained as president, John Wilson was retained as vice president, Martin Bedrock was retained as legal counsel, and Bruce Williams was retained as building administrator. Mary Bendt was installed as the commission secretary.