Knox Police Chief Notes Building Issues

Knox City Police Chief Clint Norem
Knox City Police Chief Clint Norem

Knox City Police Chief Clint Norem told the Board of Public Works members this week that some maintenance needs to be conducted at the building housing the police department.

Norem stated that fans are on in the garage to help evaporate the water from the floor in the garage. The drainage issue has been ongoing for some time, according to Norem. He hopes that the issues can be corrected in the spring.

The ballasts within the light fixtures are also going bad which is creating a lighting issue within the building. He said the issues aren’t immediate but will need to be addressed sometime within the year.

Norem asked that the towing contract be reviewed as there have been some complaints from companies. In the past, towing companies were contracted to be called out on a rotational basis in case of a property damage vehicle accident. If the vehicle needed to be towed, the next company on the list would be contacted. Mayor Rick Chambers said that he and City Attorney David Matsey will review the contract and present it for review at a future meeting.